Monday, October 10, 2011

Jalapeño Jeaven!

I recently got a jalapeño grill at First Monday in Canton, TX. I usually walk right past these things, but this one caught my eye. What got my attention was the design. The holes in this cooker were different. There is a number of tabs around each hole. It turns out that this design not only allows for you to use different size jalapeños, it also allows heat to come up around the sides of the jalapeño, allowing for even cooking. The grill included a coring tool that makes gutting those peppers a breeze! 

I picked one up to try out and I have to say that I’m very pleased with the results. I actually use this a lot more often than I expected to, both in the oven and in the smoker, and it's great every time.

More info on their website.


Anonymous said...

Hi,just wondering if your jalapeno grill has gone rusty, it looks like it in the picture?

Albie said...

Not at all. I've used it quite a bit. Between melted cheese, smoke, and the dishwasher, it's had some discoloration. You also see this on grill grates.

Joshlyn said...

Man, that's a SWEET corer, where did you get that?

By the way, I'm Joshlyn from PS

Albie said...

The corer came with the jalapeño grill. I did see one on Amazon that looked very similar. Just run a search for jalapeño corer and it should come up.

It’s very easy to use.